City of Melbourne

An iconic city brand

Concept development
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Premier events
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Community engagement

Concept development
Brand strategy
Premier events

Websites & interfaces
Key messaging
Publication design

City of Melbourne has a vision of Melbourne as a bold, inspirational and sustainable city. One of the safest, healthiest and cleanest cities in the world, and Australia’s leading city for arts and culture, education, dining and shopping. On top of all this, Melbourne is growing. Fast. At its current rate, Melbourne will overtake Sydney as Australia’s biggest city in the 2030s, and will be double its current size by 2050. 

Council’s role is not only to plan for this growth – providing the services and infrastructure that the city will need – but to nourish the thriving, dynamic and resilient community which makes Melbourne so unique, and fiercely loved by residents and visitors alike. 

Since 2014, Studio Binocular have worked with the City of Melbourne across all channels from digital through to signage and major annual events which attract millions of people to the City. All projects are underpinned by Council’s strategic goals which include being a city which cares for its environment and its people; being a creative, prosperous, connected and deliberative city; and a City with an Aboriginal focus. Our understanding of these goals has enabled us to contribute to the advancement of the City of Melbourne’s brand direction and its evolution to a much stronger digital presence, and we have worked closely with them to develop online tools which push the brand for this medium.

We work with the City of Melbourne on projects which help to articulate their progressive, ambitious vision for Melbourne and celebrate the many faces of its success.

Melbourne Music Festival

Identity and creative campaign for one of Melbourne’s showcase annual events – Melbourne Music Week (MMW). Produced and owned by City of Melbourne, MMW is an iconic music festival like no other, with 10 days of music featuring over 200 artists across 110 events – generating $2.2 million for the local economy.

Economic impact up


Sold out events up


Melbourne Knowledge Week

So what if the future isn’t what you expect?

Melbourne Knowledge Week is an annual festival ideas for a smart and innovative future.

31% increase in attendance
63% increase in web traffic

Moomba Festival

Identity and creative campaign for one of Melbourne’s most iconic family events. Moomba is Australia’s largest free cultural festival – celebrating the unique culture of the world’s most liveable city. It brings over a million people into the city over the Labor Day weekend, and we help it to appeal to new audiences every year.

Attendance up 44%

Melbourne Avid Traveller

Tapping into the Chinese visitor market through WeChat.

Urban Water

An online showcase for The City of Melbourne’s Integrated Water Cycle Management projects, so the general public could ‘see the unseen’ work which they’ve invested in underground and behind the scenes.

Breathe Easy Mapping

Mapping for community engagement as the City of Melbourne made its parks Smoke Free.

City Collection Website

Studio Binocular worked closely with the City of Melbourne’s curatorial team to help catalogue and digitise the 8,000+ items in their vast collection. The interface included extensive searching capabilities across all devices with a goal to increase the relevance of the collection to contemporary audiences.

Winner of the top prize for Website Design at the National Conference of Museums and Galleries

Public Art Melbourne

Brand architecture, identity and social media systems for the City of Melbourne’s Public Art program.