The University of Melbourne

Inspiring answers to the world’s most pressing questions

Brand strategy

Website design

Key messaging
Publication design

Brand strategy
Website design

Key messaging
Publication design

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s No.1 university, and its brand acts as a magnet to attract the best minds and collaborators as they strive to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Studio Binocular have worked with the University of Melbourne since 2009, during which time we have seen the University’s offerings grow to meet the changing demands of a competitive and dynamic educational market. We are proud to work with one of our country’s leading voices for innovation and change, and we’re proud to contribute to their work in educating future generations and discovering meaningful answers to complex questions.

Questions such as ‘What impact will AI have on the future of work?’; ‘What can global population data tell us about the cities of the future?’; ‘What’s next for post-resource boom Australia?’; ‘Is the world at risk of running out of food?’; and ‘What impact does education in the first five years of life have on our society?’

We have worked with all levels of the university – from undergraduate student recruitment through to industry research collaborations; from international alumni networks through to staff engagement programs; from graduate school brands to online study campaigns. We have helped individual schools and centres as they question the status quo and help to shape an unknown future.

Studio Binocular helps the University of Melbourne to articulate their complex offerings in a clear and engaging way, and we are constantly inspired by the important role the university plays – where unexpected encounters between ideas, people and disciplines lead to groundbreaking new solutions and fascinating discoveries.

Melbourne School of Engineering

Our work with the Melbourne School of Engineering is helping position them at the forefront of engineering and IT innovation to meet tomorrow’s challenges. The work has helped the school to better articulate their offerings and has enabled them to visualise their work in a way which has inspired audiences – tapping into the inherent creativity of people who can imagine a world where things are done differently.


Our research campaign delivered an 800% increase in enquiries.

Master of Ageing

New thinking to meet society’s changing needs and to capitalise on the opportunities of an ageing population.

Office of Environmental Programs

We worked with the Office of Environmental Programs to develop an identity for their cross disciplinary Master of Environments – which takes in everything from Business and Economics through to Engineering and Design.

The hero image we developed captures a hyper real future world, where design innovation leads to a cleaner, more sustainable way of life.

Melbourne School of Government

Rebrand and development of key messages for the University of Melbourne’s groundbreaking Graduate School of Government which brings together economics, political science, international relations, sociology, development studies and philosophy.

The School aims to inspire and educate students to make a difference on a global scale, and to become the next generation of leaders. Studio Binocular developed thought-provoking key messages which used current affairs and some of today’s big questions to cut through the clutter and reach potential students.

Melbourne School of Design

Multi award winning brand for the Graduate School of Design. Our work for MSD has included everything from the brand strategy and language through to signage, graduate programs, events and websites.

The brand has continued to evolve over ten years and has been instrumental in helping to position MSD at the forefront of international design education.

Graduate Online

In an era of lifelong learning – ongoing study is a part of so many professional lives. The availability of high quality 100% online programs has, until now, been limited.

The University of Melbourne has created a state of the art learning platform to meet the flexible study needs of contemporary students. We developed the ‘raised the bar’ campaign which was executed across digital, outdoor, video and print mediums to a worldwide audience.

Sports Medicine

Elite programs for physicians working with elite athletes. Push yourself further with Australia’s No. 1 University.

Victorian College of the Arts

The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM) are two of Australia’s most influential Arts educators. Not only do they provide world-class tertiary education in everything from Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Film and TV and all genres of Music and Performance, they also play a key role in our cultural fabric through research, events and critical dialogue.

Studio Binocular were engaged to provide the public with an insight into the depth and breadth of their activities through the design and programming of ‘Channel’ – an online interface showcasing the school’s steady stream of creativity.

Faculty of Science

Tapping into the sense of wonder, imagination and possibility – our work the the University’s Science Faculty is helping to inspire a new generation of discovery.

Plus we’re promoting girls in STEM. Can’t argue with that.